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Help for Graphics display on the new real-time operating system!

hi everyone,

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API for GPU usage under Mac OS

    Now I use OpenCL with Intel Iris GPU to process image  under Mac OS. Before I lunch the OpenCL kernel, I need know the GPU usage.

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How can I use Intel CPU as a device in the AMD APP SDK in OpenCL2.0 devision?

    I want to use enqueue_kernel to call a kernel function(built in CPU) in a another kernel function(built in GPU) ,but I don't have an APU .

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failed to create engine: clGetPlatformIDs error -1001

Intel i5-7300CPU

GPU intel HD Graphics 620

VMware Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS 

openVINO R2 with GPU


error code:

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wrong results on intel i7-6700

I got wrong results on my computer i7-6700 (HD530), win10 and vs2017. Here is my code,

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