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OPNFV* 是什么以及英特尔® ONP 如何调整?

Learn about Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization* (OPNFV*), how it relates to Intel® Open Network Platform (Intel® ONP), and how Intel is contributing to OPNFV.
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数据平面开发套件 (DPDK):入门

This article steps you through getting started with the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), including building and testing a sample application, l2fwd. It then introduces you to the Data Plane Performance Demonstrator.
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在虚拟机间 NFV 应用上使用采用 DPDK 的 Open vSwitch*

This article walks you through configuration of OVS with DPDK for inter-VM application use cases. Create an OVS vSwitch bridge with two DPDK vhost-user port, each connected to a separate VM, then use a simple iperf3 throughput test to evaluate performance.
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关于小型联网数据包借助开源解决方案英特尔® DPDK 实现优化后可以获得出色优势的使用案例

英特尔® 数据平面开发套件(英特尔® DPDK)是一套优化的数据平面软件库和驱动程序,可用于加速英特尔® 架构上的数据包处理。 得益于处理器技术的改进,英特尔® DPDK 的出色性能从英特尔® 凌动™ 处理器成功扩展至英特尔® 至强™ 处理器。

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