IVB Atmospheric Light Scattering

1. Introduction
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Adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps

How to generate real-time adaptively sampled shadow representations for transmittance through volumetric media.
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Let's Render Some Foliage

This blog series discusses some ideas and issues around rendering foliage. We provide a sample program (with source code) to demonstrate the ideas.
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Foliage Patch - Organizing Our Data

This blog post discusses how we organize our foliage data with patches where we separate foliage rendering into full-3D objects near the camera, and 2D billboard proxies further away (and for small objects near the camera).
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ooVoo Intel Enabling – HD Video Conferencing


Download ooVoo Intel Enabling – HD Video Conferencing [PDF 754KB]

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Advanced Rendering Samples Android* Windows*

Advanced Rendering Samples on Android* and Windows* demo presented by Arzhange Safdarzadeh.

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Sparse Procedural Volumetric Rendering

Download Source Code ZIPfile

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Buzz Workshop Showcase Winner - Subray


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Intel Resources for Game Developers

Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® Iris™ and Iris™ Pro Graphics parts are some of the most commonly used graphics solutions in PCs worldwide. By following the advice on these pages and using the tools we provide, you'll ensure that your game is able to be enjoyed by millions of gamers. We want you to be successful
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Intel® RealSense™ Power and Performance Tuning Tips

This article provides some tips for optimizing performance and power usage in applications developed using Intel® RealSense™ technology.
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