Choosing between OpenMP* and Explicit Threading Methods

OpenMP provides a powerful, portable, and simple means of threading applications. In some cases, however, developers should choose the flexibility of native threading APIs. The guidelines in this article help to identify whether OpenMP is an appropriate choice for a given situation.
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Threading Models for High-Performance Computing: Pthreads or OpenMP?

In recent years, Linux* has bolster its presence on the server, due to improved kernel support for threads. Along the way, Linux abandoned its original threading API (called Linux threads) and adopted Pthreads as its native threading interface, joining most of the UNIX variants available today. Linux developers-just like programmers working on UNIX and Windows*-can avail themselves of a second...
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Instruction format question

Reading the "Knights Corner Instruction Set Reference Manual" I see that there are 32 vector registers where the x64 instruction set has only 16.

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GCC compiler for running MIC applications

Hello!The readme.txt file says Intel only recommends using the GCC compiler for build host and target tools, however for running applications within of MIC only recommends to use the Composer XE In

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user level (uSCIF) and kernel level (kSCIF)

Hello!The readme.txt file mentions theSCIF is available by means of kernel space and user space software.The mic.ko driver is the kSCIF side of this SCIF interface and the library libscif (scif_api

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Embedded Linux for Intel MIC support and Embedded OS for flash tools

Hello!I'm trying to understand the MIC Knights Corner device from a software point of view. At first sight I understand the following:1.

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Geometric Algebra, Clifford Algebra, GA, Geometric Computing, MIC support? How to?

Hi. Been reading up on Geometric Algebra, out of necessity (the mother ...).

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GCC Intrinsics for Knights Corner vector instructions


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Request for software emulator

May I humbly ask whether and/or when the Intel Software Development Emulator can manage the Knights Corne

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processor or coprocessor?

I've seen mixed messages in MIC articles on the web. Some tout the MIC as a coprocessor, and some call it a processor. Which is it?

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