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Wind River* Rocket* —— 面向物联网设备和MCU的免费实时操作系统

Wind River* Rocket* is a free, cloud-connected, real-time operating system (RTOS) designed for microcontrollers (MCUs) and other small, connected IoT devices from the industry's leading embedded systems software experts. Offering multi-architecture support for Intel® and ARM architectures, Rocket is a perfect fit for applications running on 32-bit MCUs engineered for small-footprint sensor hubs...
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Wind River Rocket* 的优势

Wind River Rocket* 是一款免费、可扩展、多架构的实时操作系统,专为物联网 (IoT) 设备设计。 Rocket 开发通过创新的基于云的环境来实现,可简化物联网应用的创建和测试。

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Wind River Rocket*: 入门指南

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