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日前, 风河宣布将发布世上首个也是唯一支持64位处理器的商用级实时操作系统, Vxworks 6.9. 该操作系统是首个完整支持32位和64位处理的实时操作系统。请参考:
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Trends in Cross–Development for Intelligent Systems with Respect to Intel® System Studio

The first decision to be made when defining your build environment is the choice of a cross-build development tools set to base development on.

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Performance Test Suite for Industrial Real-Time Applications

Lately I have been working on several custom micro benchmarks for industrial automation vendors.

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Wind River* VxWorks* 7 debug using Intel® System Debugger

The Intel® System Debugger included in Intel® System Studio 2015 adds Wind River* VxWorks* 7 awareness and OS support to Intel® System Studio.

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Wind River* VxWorks* + Intel® Software Development Products = WOW

Technical session demonstrating how to best utilize the Intel® C++ Compiler and Integrated Performance Primitives included in your Wind River* VxWorks* build for high-performance embedded applicati

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Intel® System Debugger (ISD) 2017 for Apollo Lake (APL)

Intel® System Debugger (ISD) provides users with the capability to debug ME, BIOS, Windows kernel, VxWorks kernel on several kinds of target platforms (including CherryTrail, Haswell, Broxton, Skylake, Kaby Lake, Apollo Lake, Minnowboard, etc.). ISD has three major debugging tools: System Debug, System Trace, and WinDbg extension. System Debug is for BIOS source level debugging; System Trace...
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Intel® System Debugger 2018 - System Debug User and Reference Guide de Intel® System Debugger 2018 - System Debug User and Reference Guide

The following are some important features of the Intel® System Debugger:

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