Requirements for Vectorizable Loops

Vectorization is one of many optimizations that are enabled by default in the latest Intel compilers. In order to be vectorized, loops must obey certain conditions, listed below. Some additional ways to help the compiler to vectorize loops are described.
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Automatic Parallelization with Intel® Compilers

With automatic parallelization, the compiler detects loops that can be safely and efficiently executed in parallel and generates multithreaded code.
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The Importance of Vectorization for Intel Microarchitectures (Fortran Example)

Reference Link and Download

Intel Vectorization Tools

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Webinar: Fortran Standard Parallel Programming Features

Fortran Standard Parallel Programming Features in Intel Compilers
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Explicit Vector Programming – Best Known Methods

Vectorizing improves performance, and achieving high performance can save power. Introduction to tools for vectorizing compute-intensive processing.
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Optimize a Pythagorean Prime Number Finder Using OpenMP* with the Intel® Fortran Compiler

Video tutorial explaining how to parallelize a Pythagorean prime number finder using the Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler with OpenMP*.

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Alignment of Allocatable Arrays & Pointers in Intel Fortran Compiler

The Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 or later for Fortran Windows* and Linux* have a feature enhancement supporting ASSUME_ALIGNED directive at point of use for allocatable arrays or pointers.

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Announcing Intel® Parallel Studio 2017

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Using the Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler

Video tutorial illustrating the usage of Intel® Visual Fortran with Microsoft Visual Studio*.

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