Fast Deep Learning at Your Fingertips

The new Intel® Deep Learning SDK introduced by Nir Lotan from Intel's Advanced Analytics department. The talk was delivered at the Strata+Hadoop World Singapore, December 2016.

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Case Study – Using the Intel® Deep Learning SDK for Training Image Recognition Models

In this case study, we explore LeNet*,one of the prominent image recognition topologies for handwritten digit recognition, and show how the training tool can be used to visually set up, tune, and train the Mixed National Institute of Standards and Technology (MNIST) dataset on Caffe* optimized for Intel® architecture. Data scientists are the intended audience.
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Introduction to BigDL – Bringing Deep Learning to Big Data Platform

In this webinar we will discuss our motivation for BigDL, architecture and features of BigDL and how to get started with building models using BigDL
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Hands-On with the Intel® Deep Learning SDK Webinar

Learn how you can easily plug, train and deploy deep learning models for image and text analysis problems, using the Intel® Deep Learning SDK.
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Deep Learning Training Tool Release Notes

Release Notes include important information, such as

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