Using Intel® Tools to Maximize the Performance of Image Processing Applications

This article talks about how one of our ISVs had used our Intel tools to identify issues with their application and improve the performance. After the code tuneup, they were able to gain 350% improvement in performance.
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Installing and using the IMSL* Libraries

How to install, configure and use the IMSL* Fortran Numerical Library as supplied by Intel for use with Intel Visual Fortran Compiler.
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Intel® Composer XE for Linux* Silent Installation Guide

Silent & non-interactive installation for Intel® Composer XE 2011 (version 12.x), Intel® Compiler Professional 11.1
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Visualizing Parallel Speedup with Cilkview

Posted by Will Leiserson originally on on Tue, Jun 30, 2009

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Internal Compiler Error When Using IMSL Modules IMSL_LIBRARIES or LINEAR_OPERATORS for Intel 64

An internal compiler error may result when a program that USEs the IMSL* modules IMSL_LIBRARIES or LINEAR_OPERATORS is compiled by the Fortran compiler 11.1 for Intel® 64
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Intel Cilk++ SDK Resource Library

The technical articles listed below supplement the information provided in the Cilk-Programmers-Guide (pdf) included in the

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Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications

Download this guide for developing multithreaded applications, which also includes general topics such as application threading and synchronization.
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Intermittent Errors Occurring When Building under Microsoft Visual Studio*

Intermittent errors are observed when building multi-project solutions under Microsoft Visual Studio* on multi-core systems.
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Superscalar Programming 101 (Matrix Multiply) Part 1 of 5

Part one of a five-part series, this article teaches a methodology to interpret statistics gathered during test runs and use those interpretations to improve parallel code.
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Superscalar programming 101 (Matrix Multiply) Part 2 of 5

By Jim DempseyIn my last article we left off with

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