Intel® Android* Tool Series: Deploying to an Intel® Device

This video shows you how to deploy your application to an Intel® device. Learn more on the Intel® Developer Zone for Android 

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Using the Beacon Mountain Toolset and NDK for Native App Development

Summary: The goal of this project is to demonstrate how easy it is to build native Android apps with the Beacon Mountain toolset and Intel NDK. We will do this by building a simple game. We will walk through the steps of installing tools with Beacon Mountain, building the game, and testing it with the Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM) emulator. Commented source code is...
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Blog post

Performance per Watt: Hey, I already know it’s important, don’t I? (The intro, part I)

What is performance per Watt?

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Intro to Motion Estimation Extension for OpenCL*

Download Article

Download Intro to Motion Estimation Extension for OpenCL* [PDF 660KB]

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Not built in a day - lessons learned on Total War: ROME II

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Not Built in a Day – Lessons Learned on Total War: Rome* II [PDF 935KB]

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Writing Energy-Efficient Windows* Store Applications for Mobile Devices - Impact of CPU Utilization on Platform Power

Writing Energy-Efficient Windows* Store Applications for Mobile Devices (PDF 753KB)

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Video dual en aplicaciones Android* mediante la tecnología WiDi de Intel®


Descargar ejemplos de código de Widi para video dual [ZIP 112KB]

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Whitepaper: Android*-Apps und Intel® WiDi für Wiedergabe auf zwei Bildschirmen


DualVideoWidi-Code-Samples herunterladen [ZIP, 112 KB]

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Dual Video Android* Apps Using Intel® WiDi Technology Whitepaper


Download DualVideoWidi Code Samples [ZIP 112KB]

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