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Replay of sessions talking about programming for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors

This page contains replays of 5 sessions covering a variety of topics as listed below:

Autor Christina K. (Intel) Última actualización 21/07/2015 - 18:05

Making Big Data and Analytics a reality today

Intel® delivers the performance needed to enable new levels of Apache* Spark* analytics on Intel® Xeon® platforms with Facial Recognition using Apache* Spark* and Apache* Hadoop* technologies.

Autor Jerry Makare (Intel) Última actualización 01/07/2015 - 15:50

Intel and SAP Deliver New Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Solution

Watch Diane Bryant, Intel Data Center Group Senior Vice President & General Manager, describe how the new Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3 product family is optimized for the SAP HANA* platform.

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Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Workshop: Tools Videos

Autor SUNNY G. (Intel) Última actualización 10/04/2015 - 12:16

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Workshop: Advanced Videos

More advanced topics on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor, covering:   communication and execution, vectorization, debugging, porting performance tuning, and memory models and usages.

Autor SUNNY G. (Intel) Última actualización 10/04/2015 - 12:12

Next Steps in Business Computing with Intel and SAP HANA

Technology Consultant, Rob Klopp, brings us a look at the evolution of hardware capabilities from the age of physical mainframes through to the current age of virtual mainframes, where databases ha

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Big Data: Volume, Variety, Velocity

Intel strategist Jim Fister offers a perspective of Big Data using some analogies we can all understand and appreciate. Data can be “Big” through volume, variety, or velocity.

Autor Jerry Makare (Intel) Última actualización 12/02/2015 - 09:54

Intel Software Optimization of Java Virtual Machine and OpenJDK Community Announcement (OOW '14)

At Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Michael Greene talks about the role of his organization in helping optimize the Java Virtual Machine and Intel's announcement that it is joining the Java OpenJDK community

Autor JUAN R. Última actualización 08/12/2014 - 09:16

Intel Contributions to the Linux Kernel and Oracle Enterprise Manager Interface (OOW '14)

Tony Luck discusses Intel's contribution to the Linux Kernel and the Operating System's RAS features for the Enterprise.

Autor JUAN R. Última actualización 05/12/2014 - 12:03

Taking Advantage of Big Data in Compute, Network, and Storage Devices

Jim Fister, an Intel Lead Strategist, shows how software developers can take advantage of Big Data in compute, network, and storage devices to return value to the customer and to their own company.

Autor Jerry Makare (Intel) Última actualización 26/11/2014 - 11:24
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