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Инфраструктура Intel® Rendering Framework

Программно-определяемая визуализация повышает точность, производительность и эффективность библиотек рендеринга.
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Create Realistic 3D Scenes with Cinema 4D*

If you want to create breathtaking 3D scenes quickly and hassle-free, look no further than Cinema 4D*
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Intel® Rendering Framework

Software defined visualization improves fidelity, performance, and efficiency for rendering libraries.
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Intel® OSPRay Documentation

Intel® OSPRay is a cluster-capable, scalable, extendable, ray-tracing, rendering toolkit that includes path tracing and volume rendering.

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Intel® Embree Documentation

Intel® Embree is a highly optimized ray tracing kernel library and low-level API for acceleration structures and ray and geometry intersections.

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Intel® Open Image Denoise Documentation

Intel® Open Image Denoise is a library of image denoising and filtering algorithms to improve visual quality and reduce rendering times.

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Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library Documentation

Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library is a highly optimized library of impactful, low-level volumetric data-processing algorithms to enable rendering and simulation processing of 3D spatial data.

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Intel® OpenSWR Documentation

Intel® OpenSWR is an OpenGL* low-level rasterization library upstreamed to the Mesa OpenGL open source project to achieve high rendering performance when GPUs are unavailable or are too limiting.

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