OpenCL™ 主机代码基本示例

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使用 OpenCL™ 2.0 读写图片

While Image convolution is not as effective with the new Read-Write images functionality, any image processing technique that needs be done in place may benefit from the Read-Write images. One example of a process that could be used effectively is image composition. In OpenCL 1.2 and earlier, images were qualified with the “__read_only” and __write_only” qualifiers. In the OpenCL 2.0, images can...
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 适用于 OpenCL 内核的并行噪声和随机函数

This article describes and links to the Noise code sample. The sample includes an implementation of Perlin noise, which is useful for generating natural-looking textures, such as marble and clouds, for 3D graphics. It also includes a set of pseudo-random number generator functions that are sufficient to make a generated image visually appear random.
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设备端 AVC 运动评估简介


下载设备端 VME 示例代码 和高级示例。

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开始使用面向 OpenCL™ 应用的英特尔® SDK 2019:核心概念

了解面向 OpenCL™ 应用的英特尔® SDK 2019 的核心概念并开始构建您的首个应用。
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SPIR-V*:面向 OpenCL™ 工作负载的英特尔® 显卡编译器默认接口

英特尔® 显卡编译器最近从 SPIR* 转换到 SPIR-V*,作为面向 OpenCL™ 工作负载的中间表示。这看起来像编译器的内部变化,对用户来说不可见,但是这展示了我们支持 Khronos* 开放标准的承诺。现在,下载至编译器的大多数计算工作负载都将使用 SPIR-V。

下文简要介绍了在 OpenCL 应用中使用 SPIR-V 的优势以及如何开始使用它。

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我们可以从英特尔® SPMD 程序编译器中学到什么?

我们已经添加了一个简单的全新SGEMM 示例至英特尔® SPMD 程序编译器 GitHub* 库。

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