Case Study: Computing Black-Scholes with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions

This case study discusses Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) and gives an overview of the Black-Scholes valuation.
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Optimize Financial Applications using Intel® Math Kernel Library

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) contains a wealth of highly optimized math functions that are fundamental to a wide variety of Financial Applications.

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借助英特尔® 至强融核™ 协处理器实现卓越的 Black-Scholes 定价计算性能

1. 简介

英特尔在德国汉堡举行的国际超级计算机大会 (ISC'12) 上宣布,英特尔® 至强融核™ 将是未来所有基于英特尔® 集成众核架构(英特尔® MIC 架构)的产品的全新品牌名称。定位于超级计算机的英特尔® 至强融核™ 协处理器将拥有高达 61 个内核,可在执行复杂科学计算的过程中提供极具突破性的能耗和显著的性能提升。

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Optimization of Data Read/Write in a Parallel Application

(This work was done by Vivek Lingegowda during his internship at Intel.)

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Coding in the Big Apple at an Intel AppLab

 On May 10th in New York City Intel and Microsoft hosted an App Lab for local software developers working on applications for the Financia

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Applab in Minneapolis draws top developers from Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and other industries.....

On May 23rd we held another Intel AppLab at the Microsoft Technology center.

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Accelerating financial services applications using Intel® Parallel Studio XE with the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor

Improving the performance software applications is a constant challenge for software developers in the financial services industry.

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