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h264 stream from ip camera / NALU start sequence

I'm trying to decode a stream coming from a ip camera, the stream is encoded in h264.

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Details about the video conferencing mode algorithm of rate control


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面向基于英特尔® 架构的平台的实时端到端 H.265/HEVC 解决方案


1. 摘要 2. 简介   2.1 视频编解码器和 H.265/HEVC   2.2 HEVC 性能问题

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What does MFXQueryIMPL return 0x0202 mean

I think somebody should ask this before. But I have got no topic about this after doing a search.

I initialized the MFXVideoSession as :

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how to copy d3d9 surface to dxva2 surface

I am using intel media sdk 2014 R2 in windowns 7 x64.

The directx sdk version is Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010). IDE is VS2010.

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从英特尔®媒体软件开发套件向 OpenGL* 分享纹理

Code Sample

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Intel® Media SDK 2014 R2 for Servers how to display?

         I have install the Media SDK in ubuntu 12.04.3, the kerbel is 3.8.0-23.

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Some problem for decode raw H264 stream file

Hi All,

I've got the some problem with MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeHeader, in the Media SDK 2014, sample_decode.

(file:pipeline_decode.cpp, function: InitMfxParams)

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Only see one layer when composited 2 layers with mfxExtVPPComposite

hi, all,

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