Intel® Performance Counter Monitor - A better way to measure CPU utilization

The Intel® Performance Counter Monitor provides sample C++ routines and utilities to estimate the internal resource utilization of the latest Intel® Xeon® and Core™ processors and gain a significant performance boost.
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Computing Language Utility (CLU): An Open Source API for Rapid OpenCL* Development

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英特尔开源行动 点燃创新圣火


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Open Source - OpenStack

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ITT API open source version

The Instrumentation and Tracing Technology (ITT) API enables your application to generate and control the collection of trace data during its execution.

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Windows* 8 OS Tutorial: Writing a Multithreaded Application for the Windows Store* using Intel® Threading Building Blocks - now with DLLs

This article explains how to build a simple application for the Windows Store* using Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB).

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Migrating Server Workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization on Intel® Xeon® Processor 2600-based Servers for Performance and Cost Improvements

Continued enhancements to Intel platforms and KVM-based Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization make platform refresh an attractive proposition.

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Intel Software Technical Webinar Series 2013

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