Porting Android* Touch to Windows* 8 UI (C#)

By David Medawar

Porting Android* Touch to Windows* 8 UI (C#)

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The Role of Sensors in Redefining Human-Computer Interaction

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Porting Android* Apps to Windows 8* - Overview

Porting Android* Apps to Windows 8* - Overview (PDF 797 KB)

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Porting Windows 7* Applications to Windows 8* Store Apps

Porting Windows 7* Applications to Windows 8* Store Apps (PDF 443KB)

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What's going on at HTML5 Developer Conference next week?

Next week, I'm heading up to San Francisco for the HTML5 Developer Conference. Intel will be a Gold Sponsor at the show, and we've got a number of activities to watch out for if you happen to be going, including 4 speakers, 2 demos, and giveaways!
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Porting Win32 Apps to Windows* 8 Desktop

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Case Study: Porting Stream to Android* [案例研究:将 Stream 应用移植到 Android*]


本文展示了如何通过创建使用原生共享库的 Android* 应用将 Stream 性能指标基准评测应用移植到 x86 平台。关于最新的应用详情,请访问:。

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Porting the Bubblewrap Web App to Google Android* and Apple iOS* using PhoneGap* compatible API

Bubblewrap is a game where the user pops bubbles.

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Exploring Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions with Intel® Software Development Emulator

Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) is perhaps one of the most non-trivial extensions of instruction set architecture introduced in the 4th generation Intel® Cor

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Intel for Android* Developers Learning Series Landing Page

This is an online version of Intel Press Book: An Introduction... Intel for Android* Developers.

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