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Intel's Virtualization for Directed I/O (a.k.a IOMMU) Part 1

IOMMU's or Input/Output Memory Management Unit is a new entrant to the x86 world. This is something which has existed in the risc based systems for quite some time.

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To VT-D or Not to VT-D? A guide on whether to Utilize Direct Device Attach in your Virtualized System?

Intel VT-D Direct Device Attach allows a Virtual Machine to control an entire PCI-E device (e.g. NIC) while bypassing any VMM interference. The performance benefit will be a dramatic reduction in CPU utilization, but the precise gain will vary.
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Energy Efficiency of Virtual Machines

Designing low power virtualization solutions has become very important for extending the battery life of mobile systems. This paper reports the power profile of leading desktop virtualization solutions under idle and workload conditions.
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Debugging Yocto Project* Applications with Intel® Debugger

Debugging Yocto Project* Applications with Intel® Debugger
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Business PC Security for IT Pros

Today’s IT departments must deal with not only the need to deliver an increasingly complex set of services but also the responsibility to protect the organization as a whole from escalating securit

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Open Source - OpenStack

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Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta - Release Notes

This page provides the current Release Notes for the Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta product.

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Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 V2 Product Family Technical Overview

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