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Issue Description

When attempting to use Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2016 (any update) with a floating license, you may encounter errors such as:

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How do I set up a support account?

This article introduces how to set up a support account to help access support.
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Licensing: Setting up the client for a floating license

The steps to set up the client software to point to the license server for Intel products to use floating license.
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How to install the evaluation copy of Intel® Software product

I requested evaluation copy of Intel® Software development product at Intel® Software Evaluation Center. I received an e-mail with the license file. Where can I find the serial number, to activate and install my product?
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Intel® Cluster Studio SSR End of Life - Questions and Answers

Issue Description Effective November 13, 2015, Intel® Cluster Studio SSR's will no longer be available for sale.
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How to find serial number of my product?

All Intel® Software Development Products have serial number in the following format: XXXX-YYYYYYYY

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error: The license file provided is invalid

- The license file may be corrupted. Log in to the Intel Registration Center and download the license file or resend it to your email. - Check the license and its support expiration date in the Intel Registration Center. - You may be using the wrong license file. - If your license is a floating license, you need to have Intel® License Manager for FLEXlm* Servers set up properly.
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Software Development Tools Top Getting Started Issues

Answers questions about registering Intel® SW Development products, Registration Center login problems with login ID or password, finding your serial number and license file, and "invalid license file error"
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Intel® HTML5 Samples License Terms and Conditions

Copyright © 2012-2016, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Beta

Thank you for your interest. The Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Beta program is now closed.

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