Optimizing Storage Solutions Using the Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library

Intel® ISA-L provides the tools to help accelerate and optimize storage on Intel® architecture (IA) for everything from small office NAS appliances up to enterprise storage systems. The functions provided in this library help with storage recoverability, data integrity, data security, and faster data compression mechanisms. This article provides a high level functional overview of Intel ISA-L.
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Getting Started with libGDX, a Cross-platform Game Development Framework

Developers who want to develop and debug code on the desktop, natively yet be able to run it on multiple OSs without modification will want to know about libGDX.

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Is the L2 miss counter on KNL shared between the 2 cores on a tile


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Cannot find MpssLib.dll in loaded modules???Why???

C:\Program Files\Intel\MPSS\bin>micctrl --start Error manipulating coprocessors: Cannot find MpssLib.dll in loaded modules!


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面向 GEMM 引入新封装的 API

1     面向 GEMM 引入新封装的 API
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Excessive event log messages from micx64 on Windows



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Cross-Compiling Phi Code on Windows


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Very slow read from file

Hi, comparison of code on i7 boxes with HDD against two different KNL systems (at least one of which has SSD) I see that the time for former to read two 2.6 GB files line by line is <20 seconds

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What is the best way to get started now?

I am just getting started with Phi and wanted to know what is the best way to get coding and testing that code?

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Why does the installation hang during floating license check?

When the installer detects a floating license, either when looking for existing licenses or after license server information has been entered, it will attempt to validate it with the license manage

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