Introduction to Remote Program Logic under Python*

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By David Mertz, Ph.D.

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General installation information

Installation prerequisites, tips, and possible problems for the Intel MPI Library
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Using Intel MKL BLAS and LAPACK with PETSc

This document contains instructions for linking to Intel MKL BLAS and LAPACK functions when building the PETSc libraries. also introduce how to enable Sparse Linear operation include Sparse BLAS and Intel® MKL PARDISO and Cluster PARDISO as direct solver in PETSc applications.
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Using Intel® MKL in your Python* program

Some instructions and a simple example showing how to call Intel® MKL from Python*,
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Integrating Python and Threading Building Blocks, Part 3

Continuing my effort to create an application that has a Python GUI and a back-end C++ computation engine that is threaded using Thre

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Integrating Python and Threading Building Blocks, Part 2

In my last post, I installed the Boost C++ libraries onto my Windows machine, and verified that the installation was successful.

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Integrating Python and Threading Building Blocks, Part 1

Several months ago, I began working on integrating Threading Building Blocks with scripting languages, such as Perl and Python.

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Intel® MKL with Numpy, Scipy, Matlab, C#, Python, NAG and more

The following article explains on using Intel® MKL with Numpy/SciPy, Matlab, C#, Java, Python, NAG, Gromacs, Gnu Octave, PETSc, HPL, HPCC, IMSL etc.
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SC10 - Parallel Programming Community Activities

Parallel Programming Community Manager Kathy Farrel and Master of the Parallel Universe Clay Breshears attended Supercomputing (SC) 10 in November, 2010. This page contains links to videos filmed there. These links appeared previously on the PP Community.
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