Case Study: Computing Black-Scholes with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions

This case study discusses Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) and gives an overview of the Black-Scholes valuation.
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Intel® HPC Developer Conference 2016 - Session Presentations

The 2016 Intel® HPC Developer Conference brought together developers from around the world to discuss code modernization in high-performance computing.

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Multithreaded Parallel Selection Sort Algorithm Using the Power of OpenMP* Performance Library

The main purpose of the following article is to demonstrate the using of OpenMP library supported by Intel® C++ Compiler to implement an efficient parallel code based on the example of a multithreaded parallel sorting algorithm implementation. In this article, we’ll unveil the most basic features of OpenMP library that effectively provides the high performance acceleration to the sequential code...
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Case Study in Parallel Computation and Graphics Visualization: Parallel Ray Tracer

Target Audience: Graduate with 3D math and Linear Algebra background

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Courseware - Game Engine Programming

The nature of games engines (as an integrated development environment) and their purpose Hardware support including use of threading; performance issues; input devices
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Celebrating a Decade of Parallel Programming with Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel®TBB)

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB).

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Implement Threading in a Data-Decomposition Problem

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Multi-core Introduction

Why is Multi-core Important?
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OpenMP und inkrementelle Parallelisierung - (article in german)

In diesem Artikel wird der inkrementelle OpenMP Ansatz zur Parallelisierung von sequentiellen Programmen vorgestellt. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der praktischen Darstellung von einfachen Programmbeispielen und nicht auf der Vollständigkeit der Beschreibung
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Threading Fortran applications for parallel performance on multi-core systems

Advice and background information is given on typical issues that may arise when threading an application using the Intel Fortran Compiler and other software tools, whether using OpenMP, automatic parallelization or threaded libraries.
Autor Martyn Corden (Intel) Última actualización 15/11/2016 - 14:18
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