Developing Enterprise Windows* Store Apps using RESTful Web Services

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Camera Usage and Features, from iOS* to Windows* 8 Store App

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The Animated Pocket Dictionary - Gynecology by Focus Medica Pvt Ltd.

Understanding the complexities of women's health can be challenging.

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BattleCare* by CliniSpace brought to you by Innovation in Learning, Inc.

Medics involved

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YoWindow* by Repkasoft

Getting accurate and timely weather is important wherever you may be or

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Applab in Minneapolis draws top developers from Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and other industries.....

On May 23rd we held another Intel AppLab at the Microsoft Technology center.

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A Windows* Store App Case Study – Recording Audio Notes and Playback for Healthcare (C#)

I’d like to share a useful example for recording audio in a Windows Store App.  Particularly, I will present an app that targets the enterprise healthcare sector.  Audio recordings can enable

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Enabling Push Notifications for Windows Store Apps using C#

Suppose that a nurse is assisting a patient in some hospital room and that the patient’s doctor is somewhere else in the facility.  The nurse gathers vitals for the patient and enters the inf

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NFC Usage in Windows* Store Apps – a Healthcare App Case Study


NFC Usage in Windows* Store Apps – a Healthcare App Case Study [PDF 526.46 KB]

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