Обработка сенсорного ввода в приложениях Windows* 8

Authored by Xavier H. (Intel)
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Where can I find the previous version of l_ccompxe_crypto_ipp?

Authored by Steven C.


I had used l_cproc_crypto_ipp_p_11.1.073_ia32.tgz for build 32 bit binary, now I need to build 64 bit binary.

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Problembehandlung für den Intel HAXM

Authored by MonikaLischke (Intel)


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Jetzt erhältlich: Android-SDK-x86-System-Image mit Google-APIs

Authored by MonikaLischke (Intel)

Wenn Sie das Android*-SDK bereits verwendet haben, ist Ihnen wahrscheinlich aufgefallen, dass seit einiger Zeit Intel® Atom™

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用 HTML5 来开发一款 Android 本地化 App 游戏 --- 宝石碰碰

Authored by 路斌 张.


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《游戏脚本的设计与开发》- 游戏背包和任务系统

Authored by 路斌 张.



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GFlops on MIC

Authored by Timocafe

Hello Intel,

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libmmdd.lib linking to libmmd.dll?

Authored by Scott S.

Hi all,

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Contact Form

Authored by Mooi Yee L.

I would like to create a contact form in my app so that users can send me the feedback or question, anyone have any idea how to do that? Thanks.

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