alpha blend of sample_vpp_drm

Authored by Yabo W.

Hi all,

I tried alpha blend with sample_vpp_drm, and I find it doesn't work accurately.

 You can view the result here.

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Installation of Fortran Visual Studio Composer XE 2013 - Registration fails

Authored by Andreas S.

Hi there, I cannot install my Visual Studio Fortran XE Composer due to licening issues. I purchased the license two years ago.

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Issues in running a sample

Authored by Shaleen S.

Hi ,

I am trying to run a sample code but there seems to be an issue.

PXCSenseManager *sm=PXCSenseManager::CreateInstance();

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mkl libraries compiling and not compiling

Authored by diedro

Dear all,

I have a strange problem. I wrote two programs where I use MKL libraries. 

I compile them with the following command:

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Optimization problem with int to long int cast

Authored by

An integer overflow may be ignored if an int value is assigned to a long int variable.

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Connecting Intel(R) Edison to an IEEE 802.1x Enterprise Hotspot via connman

Authored by matthias-hahn (Intel)

In the past I wrote some blogs about going wireless on Intel(R) Galileo (see e.g.

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Cannot find C headers using any compiler on OS X Yosemite

Authored by Izaak Beekman

I just tried compiling some C sources using different compilers (gcc-4.9 and icc-15) and I get errors of the type “cannot find ctype.h” and other standard system libraries.

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Vtune "named user license" on both windows and linux

Authored by Stephen


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MIC - Many Integrated Core Offloading

Authored by Eric B.

I am haveing trouble compiling a program that offloads ipp function to the mic. I just need something simple like this:

What linking and compiling options need to be enabled?

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Authored by Jovian


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