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Srs. Ao usar o aplicativo de smartphone prevew no jogo não funciona. Sem acesso a rádio online. O teste não é eficaz.

Autor João Edwar F. Última actualización 25/07/2016 - 07:57
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Get Started with RealSense Technology

Autor Priyadarshini D. (Intel) Última actualización 25/07/2016 - 08:07

Release Notes - Intel® XDK de Intel® XDK Documentation

For each release, these Intel® XDK release notes provide an up-to-date summary of new features, issues addressed, and known issues.
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SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred - VASP

I have been trying to run VASP in parallel. But I am having running it in parallel on more than one computing nodes.

Autor Rahul S. Última actualización 25/07/2016 - 07:30

Common Intel Trademarks de

Always use an Intel trademark as an adjective followed by an approved noun.

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BUG Report: Installation parallel studio xe 2016 update 3 arch linux


Autor sabaskiefer Última actualización 25/07/2016 - 07:27

Creating a Developer Account de Intel® Context Sensing SDK for Android* Getting Started Guide

This tutorial explains how to create a new developer account and register a new application in order to obtain an API Key to be used with the SDK.

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Worth having installed?

I have run into issues with the FB app because it seems to run so hard and ends up draining my battery. I go back and forth with having the official app installed and just using the web client.

Autor cyber d. Última actualización 25/07/2016 - 07:06
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basically the camera doesnt work

I've bought a lenovo 500 that has built in f200 realsense and since i started using it i get problems with no end.

Autor yeshurun l. Última actualización 25/07/2016 - 07:06
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How to protect SR300 against theft in public areas?


Autor Pierre L. Última actualización 25/07/2016 - 07:06
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