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Cloud hosting


Can I host Intel CS for WebRTC server on a virtual machine?

If yes, which VMM does it support?





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About video HW Codec support.


I have some questions about HW Codec support. Please for free the 

For WebRTC Client SDK for JavaScript:

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Example/Sample Packages

Have any Example/Sample packages been created to be used as a starting point?  I'm especially interested in the multipoint and transcoding capabilities.

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Forum topic internal ip address issue


Very new at this technology.  Was happy to see you guys release something to play with.

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Distributing room across multiple MCUs?

Is it possible to distribute a since room session across multiple MCUs on different machines?

Also, is there a way to benchmark MCU for simple forwarding mode?

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Question about Intel's best SW for Streaming and WebRTC services.

We plan to start new project about video plaform serves HLS(HTTP Live Streaming)and WebRTC.

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License question

The license comes with SDK 1.1 is for internal development only. Can this SDK be used for product development for external use?

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Conference server runs on Ubutun 12, not Ubuntu 14

Any plan to support Ubuntu 14 LTS?

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Download links outdated


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Using SIP with Conference Server

Is there any way to use the SIP Gateway to bring SIP traffic to the MCU?  For example, I have 3 web clients and one SIP client and I want them to participate in the same conference.

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