Xeon PHI ignores blocking flag?

Authored by moises v.

Dear all,

My Xeon PHI is ignoring the blocking flag in the enqueue[Read|Write]Buffer calls. They are always blocking ones. Are you having the same behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

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I haven't received the camera

Authored by Angel Antonio R.

Im a phase 1 finalist but I dont know if the camera has been sent to my shipping addres, I live in Mexico and I'd like if you know something about the delivery of the cameras for Mexico.

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Disable kmp_affinity warnings

Authored by aurora


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Guía instructiva: Introducción a OpenCL™ en Android* OS

Authored by admin

Last updated on 21/10/2014 - 09:08

mic_server dies after consuming a lot of memory

Authored by moises v.

Hi, I have an OpenCL program of simulation that consists in a loop that launch 4 kernels per iteration. The execution can last hours.

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Continuation task without child

Authored by asenjo

I'll be grateful if someone can give me some advice with the following task::execute() code:

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Zoom snaps to top screen on ScrollViewer with RichTextColumns

Authored by NeuroDigital Technologies

I'm facing a strange problem with ScrollViewer component in my Windows Store App. It has inside a RichTextColumns which displays text in columns that can be scrolled horizontally.

I enabled zooming with the attribute ZoomMode="Enabled", but when I release my fingers when zooming (to stop the action), the scroll goes smoothly to the top (therefore, if I want to zoom the bottom of a...

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Guía para desarrolladores de sistemas Ultrabook™ y tabletas táctiles para Windows*

Authored by Gael Hofemeier (Intel)
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¡La PC a toda máquina! Más capacidades y menos esfuerzo

Authored by hernan-alijo (Intel)

¡Estuvimos trabajando mucho para que ustedes trabajen menos! Así es. Hemos lanzado una serie de capacidades que harán aun más fácil vender tu aplicación para PC a través del AppUp Center.

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