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Intel® INDE - A Suite of Native Developer Tools - Spanish

See how Intel® INDE, a cross-platform, cross-OS suite of native developer tools, helps developers create client and mobile application for Android and Windows on Intel.

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Paso a paso: mejoramos el juego LEGO* Minifigures Online

Optimizing graphics for Intel® Core™ processors as well as Intel® Atom™ processors is rapidly becoming a strategic imperative for game developers. This article describes how Funcom developed LEGO* Minifigures Online (LMO)to provide exceptional graphical experiences and improved battery life on both platforms.
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¿Qué es Intel® INDE y por qué debería importarme?

Intel(R) INDE is a tool that enables you to build programs for multiple platforms without sacrificing native code level performance. Check out this article to see if it's a good fit for your project.
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Marmalade C++ y ShiVa3D: guía de motores de juegos para Android x86

Building a cross-platform Android app? Previously we’ve shared how to enable Unity* ARM*-based Android* SDK games on x86, as well as use game development suites like Unreal* Engine 4. However, in this guide we will detail a step-by-step process of building a cross-platform Android application with the help of Marmalade C++ SDK 7.1 and ShiVa3D game engine specifically for Android x86 architecture.
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Guía instructiva para Android*: cómo escribir una aplicación multiproceso con Threading Building Blocks de Intel®

Recientemente publicamos la “Guía instructiva para Windows* 8: có

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Controlador USB Intel® para dispositivos Android*

El paquete del controlador USB Intel para Android* le permite conectar su máquina basada en Windows* a su dispositivo Android que contiene un procesador Intel® Atom™.

Autor Tao Wang (Intel) Última actualización 20/08/2015 - 16:15

Android* de 64 bits y Runtime de Android

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Cómo desarrollar y evaluar aplicaciones Android* de 64 bits en plataformas x86 Intel®

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Ventajas y desventajas de las herramientas HTML5 de desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles Android* multiplataforma en dispositivos basados en procesadores Intel®

It is much easier and effective to use HTML5 cross-platform mobile application development tools. The key is to have the right features in your application that deliver a perfect user experience. Second, the app should have an inherent ability to work on new devices that continually hit the market.
Autor Tao Wang (Intel) Última actualización 23/07/2014 - 08:12
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