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5 maneras de optimizar código para Android 5.0 Lollipop

With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop*, an innovative default runtime environment was introduced, called ART* (short for Android RunTime). It includes a number of enhancements that improve performance. In this paper, we introduce some of the new features in ART, benchmark it against the previous Android Dalvik* runtime, and share five tips for developers that can further improve application...
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Eliminación de problemas de sincronización entre la CPU y la GPU en Galactic Civilizations* 3

Galactic Civilizations* 3 is a turn-based 4X strategy game recently released by Stardock Entertainment. This article describes how Intel® INDE Graphics Performance Analyzer's (GPA) Platform Analyzer was used to improve the game's performance by finding and removing several CPU-GPU sync stalls that had caused a loss of parallelism between the CPU and GPU.
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Transformada rápida de Fourier para procesar imágenes en DirectX* 11

This sample demonstrates an optimized FFT that uses compute shaders and Shared Local Memory (SLM) to improve performance by reducing memory bandwidth.Two FFT techniques are discussed. The first is UAV and operates by ping-ponging data repeatedly between Unordered Access Views (UAVs). SLM (Shared Local Memory) is the second technique and is a more memory-bandwidth-efficient method, showing...
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Consejos útiles para análisis y optimización de gráficos en Android*

Si está desarrollando una aplicación que usa gráficos de manera intensiva y no está satisfecho con el rendimiento, continúe leyendo para averiguar la manera de mejorarlo.

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