Get Fast Code with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

How to use standard and highly optimized functions in Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives for more efficient data compression and encryption.
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Intel vPro Remote Power Management Integration

Frequently I get developers asking about how do we integrate Intel vPro commands within my management console?

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Boost Python* Performance with Intel® Math Kernel Library

Meet Intel® Distribution for Python*, an easy-to-install, optimized Python distribution that can help you optimize your app’s performance.
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Vectorize or Performance Dies: Tune for the Latest AVX SIMD

Intel® Advisor can prioritize loops for vectorization, give you crucial optimization data, and help optimize for new instruction sets. Learn how.
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Google Play Warning: Cordova version

Hi there

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Events - Todo

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Effective Vectorization with Intel® SDLT

Learn Intel® SIMD Data Layout Templates (Intel® SDLT) improve performance by specifying preferred SIMD data layout without restructuring your code.
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Linking Pages from buttons on a sub menu

Hi Dear Gurus

Using Appwork Framework 3, and  xdk 2893, my app has 4 pages , each with side menus. On each side menu, I added  4 buttons to link to each page.

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test 1

test 1

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OpenMP: Beyond Shared Memory Parallel Programming

OpenMP* is the standard for parallel programming on shared memory systems. See how it supports modern CPUs.
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