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Cluster Sparse Solver -- Matrix input format & MPI problem


Autor Ales P. Última actualización 24/07/2016 - 20:40
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Solving an ill-conditioned, sparce unsymmetric linear system


I am trying to solve a set of linear equations for a material model through c++.


The system was already solved in Mathematica using Krylov method (BiCGStab).

Autor roshan r. Última actualización 24/07/2016 - 20:37
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Feast can't find eigenvalues in the specified interval


I am trying to solve eigenvalue problem using zfeast_hcsrev routine, here is the excerpt from my code

Autor Areg G. Última actualización 24/07/2016 - 20:35
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Entry point mkl_serv_check_ptr_and_warn not located in mkl_core.dll


Autor jayy78 Última actualización 24/07/2016 - 20:20
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Eigen+MKL vs. MKL-Only

Currently, I have a code that uses Eigen (a C++ template library for linear algebra) to save a square general dense matrix in the following way

Autor Mohammad S. Última actualización 24/07/2016 - 19:42
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How to use MKL Routines for Matrix Inversion

Hi everyone!

Autor Jeferson Vanderlinde Última actualización 24/07/2016 - 19:12
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在VC中,读取远程基址比较常用的方法有几种:可以采用hook钩子函数,也可采用windows API 远程进程函数对内存进行读取,然后获得远程进程在本机中的数据,并进行相关代码的注入,获取更高的执行效率。


Autor lijie45655 Última actualización 24/07/2016 - 18:38
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Intel at Unite Australia 2014 Conference - Helping Developers Extend Native x86 Support in Unity* Games

On October 27, 2014 Unity Unite Australia 2014 Conference took place in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

Autor Miao W. (Intel) Última actualización 24/07/2016 - 18:38
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