Intel® Processor Graphics

Intel® Processor Graphics is updated in distinct generations. This page discusses Intel® Processor Graphics in detail, has the latest Intel Graphics Developer's Guide, along with previous generations of Intel Graphics Developer's Guides.
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Adaptive Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

This article introduces a new implementation of the effect called adaptive screen space ambient occlusion (ASSAO), which is specially designed to scale from low-power devices and scenarios up to high-end desktops at high resolutions, all under one implementation with a uniform look, settings, and quality that is equal to the industry standard.
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Optimizations Enhance Just Cause 3 on Systems with Intel® Iris™ Graphics

Multiple optimizations throughout the rendering pipeline made laptop gameplay on systems with Intel Iris integrated graphics almost on a par with leading platforms such as PS4* and Xbox* 1. Many of the optimizations described here benefit not just systems with integrated graphics, but also high-end systems with discrete graphics cards. All systems benefit from better balancing CPU and GPU...
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Unreal Engine* 4: Setting Up Destructive Meshes

The following is a quick guide on getting a PhysX* Destructible Mesh (DM) working setup in an Unreal Engine* 4 (UE4*) project. This guide is primarily based on personal trial and error; other methods may exist that work better for your project. See official documentation for tutorials on fracturing and troubleshooting if you would like to go more in depth with Destructive Mesh capabilities.
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Unreal Engine* 4: Blueprint CPU Optimizations for Cloth Simulations

Realistic cloth movement can bring a great amount of visual immersion into a game. Using PhysX* Clothing* is one way to do this without the need of hand animating. Incorporating these simulations into Unreal Engine* 4 is easy, but as it is a taxing process on the CPU, it’s good to understand their performance characteristics and how to optimize them.
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Industrial sensors supported in the UPM sensor library

The UPM sensor library includes support for a wide variety of industrial-grade sensors.

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Intel® Quark™ SE Microcontroller C1000 Developer Kit - Accelerometer Tutorial

Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers includes multiple sample applications to help you get up to speed with its basic functionality and become familiar with the

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Get Item Resources API

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SaffronElements is a robust developer solution that includes APIs, Widgets, and other items that enable you to take advantage of many Saffron Technology™ offerings.
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Saffron Technology™ Widgets


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