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Amazon IoT

Autor Renee S. (Intel) Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 13:57
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Memory allocation issues with `cluster_sparse_solver` in MKL 11.3 with distributed matrix input

Calling `cluster_sparse_sovler` with `-DMKL_ILP64`, where the input matrix is distributed with `iparm[39]=2`, produces the following:

Autor Ivan K. Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 14:03
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How many bytes of instructions removed from LI Cache

Hi, I have an assignment for my computer architecture class. 

Autor Steven P. Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 13:56
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Intel® Context Sensing SDK

Autor admin Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 14:16
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Internal compiler error: internal abort

Dear Sir / Madam,

Intel compiler gave following error:

Autor Guowei H. Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 14:17
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Could not generate debug module ver 2548

Hi All,

I went to try to debug my app using the debug tab and I'm getting  a error.

Error: Build failed

That's it no log nothing

see attachment for screen shot

Autor Mike C. Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 14:17
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I need help. Wrong results when i use dgels, ubuntu 14.04+mkl 11.0


Autor David E. Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 13:35

Using Nested Parallelism in OpenMP* with James Reinders

Multi-level parallelism with OpenMP* deserves your consideration—even if you've rejected it in the past. Join James as he discusses successful examples of using nesting with OpenMP.
Autor Lindsay Hart (Intel) Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 14:28
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Courseware (Game Engine Programming) demos for Linux

I have recently taken a look into the courses promoted by Intel about applying parallelism in games (https://s

Autor Isadora S. Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 14:29
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Should I use Intel Media SDK for lowlatency applications?


Autor Guilherme L. Última actualización 08/10/2015 - 13:24
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