Connecting Bluetooth Devices to Your Intel® Edison

Learn how to connect and send data between your Android device and the Intel Edison board using Bluetooth.

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Develop for the Intel® Joule™ Module

Buy and get started with the Intel® Joule™ module, a fully open source environment powered by Ardunio.
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Realsense and Intel Joule samples

I was able to check out and build all of the samples for Realsense, however, when running on the Joule, it complains about the api version 5 and will not initialize the camera.  Has anyone had any

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Using Intel Distribution for Python with Anaconda

We have worked with Continuum to make it easy to use Intel Distribution for Python from Anaconda.

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Open Developer Kit for the Intel® Curie™ Module

This article introduces the content of the Open Developer Kit for Intel® Curie™ module. It also provides guidance for the installation and use of the open software development trees, as well as information about the bootloader, Intel® pattern matching engine library and some development tools.
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Achievement Unlocked | GameDev

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Comp-CL: Invalid (inconsistent) license key

Dear support, 

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Aplicação IOS não executa


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Intel® Joule Warehouse Scanner and Artificial Learning Database Demo

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