Power Performance Optimization and Intel Intrinsics

Authored by STANISLAV P. (Intel)

We’ve all been in situations where we lose power right when we need it the most—navigating a new city, mid-conversation on an important call, and so on.

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interlocked or not interlocked?

Authored by Rudolf M.

I'm using an InterlockedCompareExchange to set a variable to my id (something like "while(0 != InterlockedCompareExchange(&var, myId, 0)) ::Sleep(100);" )

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Link error?

Authored by George W.

I'm just getting started after many years away from Fortran.  I installed the compiler and tried to Build a couple of the Samples like WHIZZY and I get an error: 

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Test - safe to delete

Authored by First L.


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Event - Indiecade 2014

Authored by admin
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My new invention: Scalable distributed sequential lock

Authored by aminer10



Scalable Distributed Sequential lock version 1.01

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Indiecade 2014

Authored by admin
Indiecade is a festival celebrating the development and enjoyment of independent games. Last updated on 19/03/2015 - 05:48

My Intel Products Login Error

Authored by chauvjo

When I try to login to My Intel Products, I am seeing the following error:


We have experienced a critical error in our authentication system.


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Android capturin video

Authored by Andrew C.

I am use INDE lib for capturing video from my Cocos2dx game.

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Intel® RealSense™ SDK Product Brief

Authored by admin

Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Windows* (Version 2014, Gold) Release Frequently Asked Questions and Answers November 2014

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