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Inconsistent program behavior on RHEL* 7.4 or Fedora* 25 if compiled with Intel Compiler


We've seen some reports with regarding to RHEL7.4 OS and Fedora 25 that comes with glibc that has a change that Intel Compiler doesn't work well with. There're simple workarounds for the problem. Please see the following two KB articles for details.

Webinar on 9/27/2017 9am PST on Better Threaded Performance and Scalability with Intel Vtune Amplifer + OpenMP*

Webinar Topic: Better Threaded Performance and Scalability with Intel Vtune Amplifer + OpenMP*

Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 9 AM PDT

Abstract: Modern generation of Intel(R) Processors come with multiple processing cores and each core offering SIMD registers. This makes it all the more important for Application Developers to be aware of how to utilize all the processing cores efficiently. This webinar will walk step by step on the following concepts using a simple Edge Detection application:

Intel® C++ Compiler 18.0 has been released as part of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018, including Intel® C++ Compiler 18.0, is now available from the Intel Registration Center. Release notes can be found

Some of the new supported features are below:

Оптимизировали, оптимизировали, да не выоптимизировали!

Оптимизация? Конечно, каждый сталкивался с данной задачей при разработке своих, сколь-нибудь значительных, требующих определённых вычислений, приложений. При этом способов оптимизировать код существует огромное множество, и, как следствие, различных путей сделать это в автоматическом режиме с помощью опций компилятора. Вот здесь и возникает проблема – как выбрать то, что нужно нам и не запутаться?

Where is the hardware library for Intel c compiler?


Hi all,

I'm having trouble understanding the concept of Parallel Studio.

where is the hardware library? What folder is it in? How do we use the command line to compile source code made in notepad?

how do we create a bare metal native code ia-32 binary capable of running on boot from DVD outside of any operating system?

Intel customer support is terrible, even with a paid license, they aren't helping.

I don't want to make Windows executables, how do I compile bare metal binaries that can run from SPI flash?

libvpx tests are uncompilable

A few months ago, I compiled libvpx with icc. The output looks good, but at my first attempt, the compiler almost froze the machine compiling it. In the test cases like `tests/`, there are so many unrollable for statements, and the compiler dying tried to unroll them all. The memory use of icc process kept growing, so I had to kill the make sequence before it could freeze the machine. In the end, I gave up on test programs and compiled the library without them.

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