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Inconsistent program behavior on RHEL* 7.4 or Fedora* 25 if compiled with Intel Compiler

We've seen some reports with regarding to RHEL7.4 OS and Fedora 25 that comes with glibc that has a change that Intel Compiler doesn't work well with. There're simple workarounds for the problem. Please see the following two KB articles for details.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 has been released!

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018, including Intel® Fortran Compiler 18.0, is now available from the Intel Registration Center. Release notes can be found here.

The Intel® Fortran Compiler now supports all features from the Fortran 2008 standard. Additional Fortran 2008 features added in the Intel® Fortran 18.0 release are noted below:

rc.exe not found

I have a piece of code that runs on another computer that I'm trying to compile and run on my computer but whenever I try to build the solution I get an error rc.exe not found. I've done some research and believe that the issue is related to having the wrong combination of Visual Studio and Intel Fortran installed together. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several different version of both VS and Parallel Studio, ranging from 2013 - 2017 but I have not had much luck.

Оптимизировали, оптимизировали, да не выоптимизировали!

Оптимизация? Конечно, каждый сталкивался с данной задачей при разработке своих, сколь-нибудь значительных, требующих определённых вычислений, приложений. При этом способов оптимизировать код существует огромное множество, и, как следствие, различных путей сделать это в автоматическом режиме с помощью опций компилятора. Вот здесь и возникает проблема – как выбрать то, что нужно нам и не запутаться?

bug(???) in combination of block construct and allocatable derived type

Hi there,

I found a supprising behaviour in this little program:

Module Test_Type
  Type :: TT
    integer, allocatable :: xx(:)
  End type TT
End Module Test_Type
program test
  use Test_Type
  Type(TT), allocatable :: yy
  integer, allocatable :: i,j(:)
  end block outer
  write(*,*) allocated(yy), allocated(i), allocated(j)
end program test

I would have expected that all variables are still allocated when leaving the block, but this is not the case for "yy". The output of the program was

Problem to run a console application

I have a console application created with VS2013/IVF2013 XE under Windows 7. It works OK when  running on my desk computer on which it has been developed.  However, when I try to run it on my  other computers (also Win 7) it will not work.   An message box pops up telling me " The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) Click OK to close the application" To illustrate the problem  a listing of the program that cause the problem is shown below.. This computer is also running Windows 7.

Can anybody give me a clue ?

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