Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Wrong example on the FIRMR reference page


IMHO, there are several misstakes on the FIRMR reference page (

1) ippsFIRMR_Init_32f - redundant "_" in function name

2) Wrong sizes of pDlySrc and pSrc. They are more than necessary.
In the case when upFactor==1 size of pSrc must be "downFactor*(numIters-1)+1" and size of pDlySrc must be "tapsLen - 1". But in example if we change upFactor to 1 then size of pSrc becomes equal to "downFactor*numIters" and size of pDlySrc becomes equal to "tapsLen"

AMD support


I'm a developer from OEM tools in IDC. We are using Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) library in one of our tools. I'd like to know if IPP supports AMD A9-9430 processor? and if so, from which IPP version? currently we are using 8.1 version and a failure occurs on IPP init function (on HP platform).




IPP Image Legacy API Replacement

I am trying to replace the deprecated the IPP Legacy APIs present in IPP8.X version with latest ones, 

For example, the API of type ippiFilterSobelHoriz_XXX from IPP8.X has to be replaced with ippiFilterSobelHorizBorder_XXX according to the documention, but for these new API's we have an additional parameter of "IppiBorderType". Can  i know what bordertype should i set for the replacement of all deprecated API's ? Any guide explaining for all the deprecated APIs bordertype to be used ?

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