Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Super-resolution image (huge image) support in Intel® IPP 2017 Beta

Intel® IPP 2017 Beta introduced the new APIs (Intel® IPP 64x functions) that can support 64-bit data length in the image and signal processing domains.  The Intel® IPP 64x functions are implemented as wrappers over Intel® IPP functions operating on 32-bit sizes by using tiling and multithreading. The 64x APIs support external threading for Intel® IPP functions, and are provided in the form of source and pre-built binaries.

Attached is the file provide a quick summary for these functions.   Your feedback is welcome if you have chance to evaluate these new APIs.

Intel® IPP 9.0 Update 3 is available

Intel® IPP 9.0 Update 3 is now available.  IPP 9.0.x release added the new Intel® AVX-512 optimization for the computer vision and image processing functions, extended optimization for Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Quark™ processors, and included the new APIs to support external threading.

What's New in Intel® IPP 9.0 Update 3:

  • Improved zlib decompression performance for small data for Intel® 64 architectures.

Invalid read of size 8 when srcRoiSize is for full source image i.e same as first argument pSrc in ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R

Invalid read of size 8 when using ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R(const Ipp<datatype>* pSrc, int srcStep, IppiSize srcRoiSize, Ipp<datatype>* pDst, int dstStep, IppiSizedstRoiSize, int topBorderHeight, int leftBorderWidth, const Ipp<datatype> value[3] for full source image ROI as highlighted.

When pSrc image is changed( increasing its width and height by 1) then there is no issue.

Benchmark IPP loss less compression

Dear all,


I have an request of an customer for compressing some video and control data in real time.

The data shall received as a data stream with 600 - 700 MB/s via PCIe. The system contains a Intel Core I7, 32 GB RAM and Raid 5 with SSD.

My open points are:

- Which data througput is possible with the loss less compressin in IPP?

- Where I can find some measurements?

- Who has some experiences with compression of high data rates? 

Thanks and Regards



using ippiAlphaComp with separate RGB and A buffers

Hi - I'm trying to composite images where the RGB and Alpha channels are held in different image buffers.

My app uses windows GDI bitmaps (BGR order) for to hold color information, and a home-built image format to hold a one-byte-per-pixel alpha channel. The alpha is independent from the RGB and needs to be kept separate.

I can pass pointers to my buffers to IPP as Ipp8u for functions expecting 8u_C3R and 8u_C1R.

However ippiAlphaComp seems to work only with 8u_AC4R 

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