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What's New in Intel® Array Building Blocks (Intel® ArBB)

Intel® ArBB 1.0 Beta 6 Key New Features

  • A vastly improved backend for Intel® AVX that takes full advantages of the 256-bit AVX instruction set.
  • Numerous user experience improvements in the C++ frontend, including
    • Relaxing template parameters to be regular parameters
    • Improving const correctness
    • Catching more common errors at compile time rather than run time
  • Simplifications to the VM interface by removing the "set_null/is_null" family of functions and another troublesome function.
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  • Intel® Performance Bottleneck Analyzer

    The Intel® Performance Bottleneck Analyzer can be used to identify and prioritize issues specific to current and future Intel® architectures.
  • Java*
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  • Intel® Performance Bottleneck Analyzer
  • Utilidad Intel® Performance Tuning
  • Amplificador Intel® VTune™
  • Optimización
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