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Joint lifetime and access synchronization algorithm for shared dynamic objects

Modern programming practices and computer languages (like .NET) tend to dynamically create and destroy objects at run-time, but how does it correlate with multi-core-enabled programming? A parallel program may need to synchronize both lifetime of- and access to- an object in shared memory.

Three Things to Consider After Intial Speedups

Intel® ArBB is well suited for large kernels of computation combined with a large data set. We describe common optimizations to try once you have gotten initial scalability with a small kernel.
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  • Try Intel® SOA Expressway software for yourself....

    Just a quick post to let people know that they can now try SOA Expressway directly themselves. Go to the portal and you can select to download Services Designer to use yourself to write a web service or proxy (don't worry, we'll provide step by step instructions). We'll then set up a cloud instance of the runtime for you to deploy your service onto and experiment with for 2 days.

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