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Seth Schneider


Acquiring shader microcode disassembly & stats


Is there a way to query shader microcode disassembly and stats (ALU instruction count, GPR usage, estimated cycle count, etc.) for Intel GPU architectures like for AMD GCN with atidxx64.dll & AmdDxGsaCompileShader() function? I would like to get this info for D3D compiled bytecode in my shader tool mainly for optimization purposes for Intel GPU architectures.

Thanks, Jarkko


Capture failed: Unsupported D3DFormat

Dear sir,

We are writing a rendering software with D3D9.

By using GPA, the monitor can successfully show FPS on the frame.

But when using Ctrl+Shift+C to capture a frame, it sometimes report: Unsupported D3DFormat: 0x9C.

The failure rate are very high, about 9/10.

Yes, it occasionally works, to produce a valid frame captired file. We really confused by this.

Please give us some clue to identify the problem! By the way, what the value, 0x9C, means?

Best regards,

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