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We would like to invite you to participate in the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 Beta program. In this beta test, you will gain early access to new features and analysis techniques. Try them out, tell us what you love and what to improve, so we can make our products better for you. 

Registration is easy. Complete the pre-beta survey, register, and download the beta software:

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 Pre-Beta survey

Looking for older IPP version


I'm trying to rebuild a software project from about 2009-2010. I might port it to a newer IPP version later (I actually tried but this takes too much time at the moment), but at the moment I am looking to make the project usable again as easily as possible. I am not sure what version was initially used to build the project. Is there somewhere to obtain an IPP this old? How?



Error #10052: could not checkout FLEXlm license

I am working on Fortran coding through VS. But my VS now does not work and always indicates"Error #10052: could not checkout FLEXlm license" . I tried rebooting the system, but it is like that and not working.

Is there any advice on solving this issue and getting my VS back to work? Thanks a lot in advance.


parallel_studio_xe_2018_cluster_edition_setup.exe / Installation fails

We are evaluating 2018 XE but I can't install it on my laptop system (OSX with VM) on an other system we can install the product.

The installer starts & extracts the files, and then just ends with a dialog stating: there was a problem...

Well, what now?

Need link to "Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows" or "Parallel Studio XE for Windows" 2017 version download


I need a link to download one of these two compilers:

  • 2017 Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows 
  • or 2017 Parallel Studio XE for Windows

Emphasis on the 2017 version. Does anyone have download links to these? Also, are licenses required for these?



IMSL installation

I have Intel Parallel Studio 2015 (via floating license) installed on my desktop, and recently purchased an IMSL add-on license. But the IMSL installation failed, with the error message of "the license file provided is invalid". 

The previous tech support helped me solve the aforementioned problem last year. Since then, my desktop was replaced and I tried the installation again, and have the same problem. Any suggestions?

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