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Recent Advisor problems may be caused by PIN

Lately, we have been getting many reports of problems with the analysis tools (Inspector, Advisor, and VTune Amplifier) caused by a problem with PIN, the tool they use to instrument software.

PIN problems can produce several types of error. One of the more common ones is
__bionic_open_tzdata_path: PIN_CRT_TZDATA not set!

If you believe you may be affected, please see this article for more information.

Using Intel® Advisor on a MacOS* system


It is a common use case for high performance, parallel and vectorized code to be run on dedicated remote systems like clusters with strict time schedules and limited capabilities for visualization and data manipulation. Tools for performance assessment are often limited to running from the command line, and many conveniences like GUI interfaces and access to online documentation resources are often unavailable on these types of systems.

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  • Minimizing Data Collection, Result Size, and Execution Time (Memory Access Patterns Report)

    For medium-large targets, several methods are available to minimize the amount of data collected and target execution time. Minimizing the data collected reduces the amount of data you need to examine in the Intel® Advisor Memory Access Patterns Report; it also reduces the size of the generated result. To minimize execution time with the Memory Access Patterns tool, consider reducing the data set processed by the application.

    Selecting the Target Application Precisely

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