Intel® Array Building Blocks

End of Beta program of Intel(r) Array Building Blocks

Thank you for participating in the Intel Array Building Blocks (Intel ArBB) beta program. We would like to inform you that the Intel ArBB Beta program is completed as of today, November 11th, 2011.

We really appreciate your participation in the program and greatly value the feedback you provided. Based on all the input we received, we have decided to transition Intel ArBB to our research and exploration portal at to broaden exposure of the technology to a broader audience.

The Intel ArBB Virtual Machine Specification is now available!

The first draft of the IntelArray building Blocks (IntelArBB) Virtual Machine (VM) API specification is now available on our documentation page. For more information, including links to a video presentation hosted by UPCRC Illinois, check out the related knowledge base article.

pointers inside arbb space?

Hello allI'm just figuring out how to implement a multi-column, multi-type data structure. There are about five types (known at compile-time) and each column can have a different one. The number of columns and the type for each column is available at runtime only. 2-dim dense containers or a combination of dense containers inside nested containers doesn't fit well. There will be added sophisticated operations on these data structures later. Is any "pointering" inside arbb space/custom types possible?

ArBB Performance Problems

I'm running ArBB v1.0.0.030 on my 64bit ubuntu 10.04 with this simple test:

dense maa=fill(3, ARRAY_SIZE);
const_range r=maa.read_only_range();

for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
for(int i=ARRAY_SIZE-10;i
dense maa2=maa+1;

dense maa3=maa2*maa2;

for(int p=0;p

where ARRAY_SIZE is in the order of 2^10 and PDS_ITER some 10^4.

Intel Plans for Arbb

Can anyone tell me what, if anything, is Intel's plan with respect to Array Building Blocks. I saw on a sticky post that the project was moved from "Beta" to "Whatif". I also see that some of the key people involved in it have moved on to other companies. Based on these two points, I guess the project must be a dead end. Am I correct in my assessment that it is essentially a dead-end ?

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