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No more internet connection after switching to Phonegap build

Hello there,

I use Intel XDK and finished an hybrid App for Android and iOS. The last time I build an Android Version, it was when the XDK still had the support and gave directly the .apk to my download folder. Now it gives me an .zip file I use for building the .apk with phonegap build.

The thing is, now my app has got no Internet connection. I didnt change anything!
The interessting thing is, the iOS App Version got connection with the same source code and settings.

Has anyone an idea?

Much thanks,

Modo Design


Atualmente atualizei o Intel XDK, e ao criar um Novo Projeto, a opção do modo DESIGN desapareceu, ficando na tela somente o modo CODE. Como devo proceder para aparecer a opção DESIGN novamente?

Para quem está começando a desenvolver com o Intel XDK, esse modo DESIGN é muito interessante.


Vagner Nunes


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