Intel® XDK

Test Tab

Once your HTML5 app looks appropriate on the emulator, test your app on an actual device running Intel App Preview. You can also use the Test tab to access to the on-device Weinre* remote debugger so you can see JavaScript* messages generated by the app running on device.


The Intel® XDK provides a comprehensive cross-platform development environment for developing and building hybrid HTML5 mobile and web apps. In addition to the Intel XDK classic edition, an Internet of Things (IoT) Edition supports embedded (IoT with node.JS) projects.

Using the Game Asset Manager

The Intel® XDK Game Asset Manager provides a central place to view and render game assets. The Game Asset Manager also generates a code snippet for a selected asset that you can use to help you develop your HTML5/JavaScript*/CSS game sources. The code snippet is specific to the game engine and its version that you chose when you created or imported your Intel XDK project.

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