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Error error itms-90125 submitting to App Store using application loader 3.1

I'm getting this error when submitting to app store using application loader 3.1

its working in my iPhone - i changed the provision to app store getting this error


error itms-90125: "the binary is invalid. the encryption info in the lc_encryption_info load command is either missing or invalid, or the binary is already encrypted

iOS build unexpected error

I couldn't build any of my apps for iOS. I already set up certificates and provisioning profiles, and this is the log of the build:

Installing "org.apache.cordova.device" for ios
Installing "org.apache.cordova.splashscreen" for ios
Installing "" for ios
Installing "org.apache.cordova.file" for ios
Installing "" for ios
Installing "" for ios
Installing "org.apache.cordova.file-transfer" for ios
Generating config.xml from defaults for platform "ios"
Calling plugman.prepare for platform "ios"

iOS app keep installing problem with Intel XDK.


I'm new to Intel XDK and Cordova plugin. I have developed one application using Intel XDK and some plugins such as PushPlugin, Toast-Phonegap-Plugin, LocalNotifiacation and BackgroundMode. I'm able to build iOS application successfully, But the problem is when I'm trying to install in my iphone it shows "installing...." and it never ends.

It was working fine before, I think it stopped working after I have updated Intel XDK(1912, current version).

Passing along routing info when using Internal Routing

I am using GWT and this app framework to develop an app. I would like to use the Intel app framework's useInternalRouting functionality but would like the routing info to be passed through to GWT (after the transition is performed). Is this possible? If useInternalRouting is enabled, the framework handles all clicks and transitions but GWT never received any navigation info (ValueChangeEvent).

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Jean




App Preview doesn't work


I was using Intel XDK and Intel App Preview in my Samsung Galaxy S3 to develop an app for several weeks without any problem, but this week I can't launch the apps in the "Server Apps" tab on the Intel App Preview, nor the test ones nor the final app.

I can see my projects, and if I go to the App Dev Center web I can see there all my apps, as in the App Preview, but when I try to launch one of them, after use te "Push files" button in the "Test" tab of the Intel XDK, I got this error:


Unable to retreibe app from the cloud server.

A large project is not loaded (Construct 2 + XDK 1912)

Hello everyone!
I have downloaded and compiled a simple project with one sprite for IOS and everything went without error.

Then I tried to download my main, large project (191 MB), and it is not loaded on the server.
I get the messages:
1. Some of the files are not loaded;
2. Timeout;
3. There is no internet connection;
4. Endless loading.

Settings are identical for small and large projects.

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