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Managing Certificates for Your Intel® XDK Account [DEPRECATED]

This page describes how the Intel® XDK helps you create, import, and manage certificates, Android keystores, and iOS P12 code-signing files, and iOS provisioning profiles. You create and use these files so the Intel XDK build system can digitally sign your app. These certificates are stored within your Intel XDK account.

Intel App Preview crashes when testing my app

I have used App Preview on my phone to test my app without any problems, but I haven't tested it for a while (a month or so) and now it crashes when my second layout is opened.

The only change I've done since my last preview was replacing the images used in my project with new ones.

Also, the project works well on Xperia, while it crashes on my Samsung..

Older versions of Intel XDK

Can you please tell me where I can download older versions of Intel XDK? Actually, i am interested in the latest version that includes the app designer. My operating system is MacOS.

Just like the vast majority of Intel XDK users, I am sorry for the outcome, I wish all the best to the Intel XDK support team that never let us down, All of our questions were answered accurately and fast. Thank you guys, you were awesome. Special thanks to Paul.

Intel cheated me with XDK

I received so much material in sponsored ads from social networks and email's talking about Intel XDK that I solved to use, with the Intel brand saying is that it is good I believed, after suffering with all problems, problems that would be acceptable in beta and not in Versions that were offered as final, I ended up producing some things and kept the development believing that the problems would be cured over time ... but no, now I see that I will also eliminate the Build and the app designer to dedicate to Iot ...

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