Intel® XDK

Create Package always failed



whenever i try to create the package i got this message:

"warnings and error messages included in the config.xml file ( inside the exported cordova build package) "

Building app in the previous version of intel XDK was successful, but when the building option retired i tried to create the package with no success.

Please advise if i am doing something wrong.

Tabs are hidden

Hi everyone

I have the next issue, when I open Intel XDK all the tabs are hidden and I can not simulate, test or build any project, I have reinstalled the program many times but it is not working, I even used an installator I had in other PC and upgraded the program but it is still the same.


Thank you!

App Version Error with cordova plugin app version


I have updated the intel xdk to version 3987.

I am not able to the get app version.

I have used the following plugin to get the app version :

Earlier with old version of intel xdk 3400 series (I don't remember the exact version), with the following command i am able to get the app version:


Android SIgned APK

Before Intel XDK remove the Build process, I created my app without being aware of my signed information. Below is an APK I built before maybe you can help me track or get my signed certificate.


I already check this page  and in my account there are no certificates.

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