Intel® XDK

Can't Add Geolocation Plugin

I am developing an android app that will read the coordinate data of a user through GPS. So I must add geolocation plugin. I go to project setting and add geolocation. But when I build and download the APK, this plugin doesn't work. When I extract the APK using 7zip I don't see any geolocation plugin at assets\www\plugins folder. My CLI version is 5.1.1. Need urgent help.

Add new places to map (using Intel® XDK Geolocation Sample)

I want to create a app for a society which members can add new meetings, they can see the meetings venue on a map. I started to develop it using Intel® XDK Geolocation Sample. I want to know about is how can I set meeting venue(places) on that map? Do I need a database?


Questions On Proper Citation Of Apache 2.0 and MIT Licensed Plugins

    I noticed that plugins retrieved from github are included in the project folder with their licenses included; however, I would like to know if that would satisfy the requirement of proper citation for MIT and APACHE 2.0 (or in few cases APACHE) licensed code. Would a MIT or APACHE 2.0 plugin for some feature have to also be cited in some special way within the app.js to satisfy the needs of an APACHE 2.0 or MIT licensed cordova plugin?

Using Node weinre to Debug Cordova* Apps

For situations where you cannot use remote debug over USB to your Android device or remote debug of your iOS device over USB with a Mac and Safari Web Inspector, weinre is a useful alternate solution. Using the weinre remote console from your desktop browser provides access to a JavaScript console in your built app that is similar to the JavaScript console found in most desktop browsers.

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