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Splash screen files duplicated in iOS package

I configure my splash screen normaly in XDK (Launch Icons and Splash Screens) . 
PNG files are located in my project

I use "Build" tab to compile and it's working good. But ... in iOS package (ipa), png files are duplicated.

  • Location ONE : in IPA / Payload / {id}.app/www/splash/*.png
  • Location TWO : in IPA / Payload / {id}.app/www/Default*.png

This increase package size drastically.

Font Awesome Icons disappearing on edit

I'm creating a project using Framework 7 and Font Awsome icons.

The Icons are inserted at the <i> tag like this <i class="fa fa-cogs" data-position="icon only">

They display fine until I click the icon to edit function or edit the page in some way, the icon then disappears. When checking the code it the page has changed to <i class="fa " data-position="icon only">.

Not the fa-cogs is missing from the class. This happens on any Font Awesome icon used in the project.


Can't build ios

Error contacting remote build servers
Unable to contact remote build servers.
Please verify that your internet connection is correct.
If this problem recurs, please let us know at our support forum.
Suggestion : Click to refresh and try again.

Please Check, Thank you.

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