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JavaScript not working on Android 4.4+

Hi, I builded a simple test app for Android with XDK and it works perfectly in the emulator in Android 4.0, 4.2, 4.3, but the JavaScript code does not work neither in Android 4.4, nor 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0. Could someone help me to understand what is wrong ? Thanks. Here is the code:


        function getText() {
        document.getElementById('replace_text').innerHTML = 'A simple line';

Create an app with Website and load when Offline

Hi there

I am currently working for my app that show two page website with table only. I was wondering , How can I make an simple app to show webpage and load when online and show local file instead when offline and overwrite local file when online. 

Here I find solution but it say It was developed by older versions of intel xdk. Please upgrade to read it.

It'd be very helpful if anyone could help me.

Thanks in advance.

cordova performance tweak ?


how can i add the performance tweak on cordova cli ?

i'm talking about the lines

<preference name="CrosswalkAnimatable" value="false" />
<preference name="debuggable" value="false" />
<intelxdk:crosswalk xwalk-command-line="--ignore-gpu-blacklist" />
<intelxdk:crosswalk xwalk-command-line="--disable-pull-to-refresh-effect" />
<preference name="CrosswalkAnimatable" value="false" />

in the intel xdk i was adding it in the config.xml and additions.xml

webview to view browser previously loaded page both offline and online

Hi there I'm developing an android app using intel xdk from website. I was wondering whether the website once loaded will be viewed both online and offline and only load when pressed update on sidebar or else view the previous loaded page in both online and offline. 
Thanks in advance.

Add update button In app to keep update app to latest Information

Hi there,

I'm developing an app with intel xdk and now that I have worked out it's lay out. I was wondering , How can I add button in app such that app ( Routine) could be updated without going to Google playstore and manually update it. 

Second one is , is there any option to add multipage which Excel vba editor has in it's userform.  such that I can swipe easily between pages without Going back.


Thanks in advance.

What a nightmare - convert to Adobe Phonegap Build

I spent all day rebuilding my (WORKING!) app and getting it to build in Adobe Phonegap Build.  My idea was just a straight recompile. HA! I finally got it recompiled in Adobe Phonegap build and loaded into IOS app store (test flight) and the google play store for testing... My app doesn't work anymore in IOS.  Tons of never before seen errors, permission differences (I guess).  Exact same 6.2.0 CLI, no custom plugins, all standard. At least Android still works.  The IOS issues are related to pulling down PDFs from servers and opening, uploading files to server, opening browser.  AHHH...

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