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Cordova Android build Error code 0


I'm not able to build for Android.

Build Log :

Calling plugman.fetch on plugin ".../cachedPlugins.lpVeYc.tmp/"
Copying plugin ".../cachedPlugins.lpVeYc.tmp/" => ".../cordova_project/plugins/cordova-plugin-device"
Calling plugman.install on plugin ".../cordova_project/plugins/cordova-plugin-device" for platform "android
Installing "cordova-plugin-device" for android
Running command: .../cordova_project/platforms/android/cordova/version 

Intel Xdk Phaser Amazon ads

I'm just about to finish my very first game but I'm having issues adding Amazon ads on it. I'm working on the game using Intel Xdk and Phaser of course, I find phaser to be very superior and a good engine, now everything I think is clean and work smoothly so far. I have completed 80% of my game, the problem I'm having is, I would like to ad Amazon ads into my game.

IoT Projects Develop Tab

Most of what you'll be doing as an IoT Developer happens under the "Develop" tab. Here you can manage the active project's files and write, edit, or customize code, establish a connection to your device, and view logs in a serial console. This section contains an overview of options available when you choose to start a new project building an "Internet of Things Embedded Application" in the Intel® XDK.

Windows Phone 8.1 porting on 10 UAP


I installed the 3522 version and now I see the Windows Phone 8.1 build is replaced by the Windows 10 UAP Build.

So, I tried to build my app using this new tab (no changes made on the working code for win 8.1) but I got this build error:

Error: Invalid Windows capability, removableStorage

Could you please help me?

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