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Keep Receiving Tmp Error


I keep getting the error below when I try to open a blank template. I have not been able to successfully launch a blank template or a project. I have tried to install and reinstall XDK three times and every time I receive the same error. I have tried various google searches from when this was an issue from before and none of those solutions have worked for me. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit operating system.

Is there any solution to help me fix this problem? I am an administrator on my machine so there shouldn't be any issues with any other programs.

Cloud build system


Well, first of all, thank you for all these years offering android/ios/win10 cloud building. It's sad to see it go and to find only payant solutions. But understandable.

Removing yes, but since a while now I'm trying to manually build my androidapp, based on Intel XDK Cordova build package. Took me a while to figure out the certificate algorythm but that's ok, could have used my brain earlier also.

Build error in XDK 3977: Warnings and error messages included in the config.xml file (inside the exported Cordova build package)

error message when i try to build in XDK: (version 3977): ist not really resolved

error : Warnings and error messages included in the config.xml file (inside the exported Cordova build package)

Hello I have the same problem announced on your forum with the title: 

[RESOLVED] Phonegap Build Issues using new Cordova Build Package

XDK Windows Cordova CLI


When I build a windows 10 cordova application in XDK - is it signed with my Windows Certificate or with the test certificate or is it the unsigned app?

I'm trying to figure out what version to upload to the Microsoft store when using the Cordova CLI. I know the XDK version was one I could upload previously. But once the XDK build platform is gone, I need a way to do the same.

I've figured out how to sign the application on the command line.

READ ME FIRST -- Build System to be Retired! -- IMPORTANT

The Intel XDK build system will be retired very soon. It is guaranteed to remain available through the end of June. In early July it will be disabled. When that happens you will only have the option of exporting your Intel XDK projects to a ZIP file that is compatible with PhoneGap Build and Cordova CLI (and other compatible tools).

See this forum thread for additional details > <

Cannot reopen one same project without restarting

Hi, I think there is a bug with the removing of a project.

After I remove a project and try to update it (to reopen it), I get the message "The project is already open.". I try to remove the project again but I get "Invalid project".

So, I have to restart Intel XDK in order to reopen my project. Please fix it.

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