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Problem with Cordova and Crosswalk

Hi, I made an app with crosswalk optimization. I tried to build mi app without the cloud based cordova system. So I followed these steps (indicated in the tutorial):

1- Generate a Package (zip), with all plugins needed. (crosswalk 19 (embeded), minimum android api 14, target android api 21)

2- Created a cordova project (cordova --version ==> 7.0.1)

3- Added android platform

4- Cordova build andoroid.

But, the build fails. It's give me an error when generates Java code form Crosswalk Web Engine. This is the error:

Phonegap Build Errors No XWalk


Excuse my english, I'm french and it's my first post here.

I recently discovered updates about build on xdk. I used before the cordova hybrid mobile app with no problem for Android and iOS.

My apps needs the Crosswalk runtime (i use it in a shared version to limit size of differents apps).

I test the new Cordova Build Package. I've exported it in the Adobe Phonegap Buil with certificates.

Build was ok on Android, iOS or Win10 but when I test, it doesn't need the XWalk Runtime.

It runs with another runtime and I meet some errors.

Build failed


I have to which I made changes more then a year ago and now I have to update it. I have downloaded newest version of Intel XDK and because of that I also had to transform project to a newer version. Project has two build Android and iOS. I first started with Android one and when I try to build it, I get build failed. Here is the log:

Developer Certificates ERROR, Google Play rejects update, iOs not builds

Hello, I've updated both Android and iOs certificates to Developer as asked by XDK (I've read the FAQ, but I don't remember that I've been asked to save anything before, so now I've lost my original certificates!! I've already written to report this issue as FAQ suggests).

Using Apache* Cordova* Whitelist Rules

Domain whitelists and Content Security Policy (CSP) rules comprise the basis of the security model Apache* Cordova* applications use to control which external resources your app is allowed to access (the HTML5 hybrid mobile apps created by the Intel XDK are standard Apache Cordova apps). The default Cordova security policies specified by the Intel XDK blank templates allow access to any external resource (they are set, by default, to be permissive).

Error - Request was denied for Security

Hi Guys

I am having an issue with my app once its built and deployed onto a physical device. All the AJAX calls work fine in the emulator and app preview but I am getting the "Request was denied for Security" error. Its starting to drive me slightly insane! So any help would be greatfully received...

I've got all these included:

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