Intel® Media SDK

What's New in Intel® Media SDK 2017 R2 for Embedded Linux*

Smart encoding improvements for embedded vision solutions

Intel® Media SDK provides a cross-platform API for developing media applications on Windows* and Embedded Linux*. And the new release, Intel Media SDK 2017 R2 for Embedded Linux*, delivers great improvements to help developers build embedded vision solutions with smart encoding capabilities.

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NetUP 利用英特尔® 媒体软件开发套件向全球数百万观众转播里约奥运会赛事

2016 年 8 月,全球各地的 50 万粉丝来到里约热内卢,观看为期 17 天的夏季奥运会。 同时,全球数百万观众在电视机屏幕前观看了奥运会直播。

在不同的大陆上进行实况电视转播是一项艰巨的任务,需要可靠的设备和灵活的技术支持。 对全球最大的多媒体新闻机构 - 汤森路透 (Thomson Reuters) 来说,这是个不小的挑战。

为了迎接挑战,汤森路透选择了 NetUP 作为技术合作伙伴,使用 NetUP 设备进行了从里约热内卢到纽约与伦敦办事处的实况转播。 NetUP 与英特尔携手开发了 NetUP 转码器,使用了英特尔® 媒体软件开发套件,该套件是一款跨平台的 API,用于在 Windows* 上开发媒体应用。

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  • Intel® Media SDK GStreamer* Getting Started Guide

    Intel® Media SDK GStreamer* Installation Process

    1 Overview

    This document provides the system requirements, installation instructions, issues and limitations. System Requirements:

    • Intel® Core™ Processor: SkyLake, Broadwell.
    • Fedora* 24 / 25
    • Intel® Media Server Studio 2017 R2.

    2 Install Fedora* 24 / 25

    2.1 Download Fedora*

    Go to the Fedora* download site and download Workstation OS image:

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  • NetUP Uses Intel® Media SDK to Help Bring the Rio Olympic Games to a Worldwide Audience of Millions

    In August of 2016, half a million fans came to Rio de Janeiro to witness 17 days and nights of the Summer Olympics. At the same time, millions more people all over the world were enjoying the competition live in front of their TV screens.

    Arranging a live TV broadcast to another continent is a daunting task that demands reliable equipment and agile technical support. That was the challenge for Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news agency.

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